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 Evento: Check that you have a teleport in place

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Inserito il - 30 luglio 2022 : 10:19:47  Link diretto a questa discussione  Mostra Profilo  Invia Email Invia a hgdgsvhgvuj un Messaggio Privato  Rispondi Quotando
Recipe for disaster: Three additional (and four in total) Greegrees will be needed to complete this recipe. A talisman must be used for each of them plus any monkey bones. You must have them all before going to Zooknock to save yourself two trips. To obtain all the bones, you'll have to take out a Monkey Zombie as well as Monkey Archer, Monkey Archer or A Monkey Guard, and an actual Monkey (monster).

The Monkey Guard can heal only within melee range, which makes it much easier to kill it by being able to spot it. Upstairs , you'll find the easiest ones to kill. Take the entrance in the front and climb the ladder to the south. Make sure to keep safe from Melee activated up until you climb the ladder. Guards can be spotted along the corridor you'll encounter. Return to Zooknock after collecting everything needed. If Zooknock isn't willing to take the next bones you give him just try dropping your greasegrees.

Part 4

Items required: Monkey bones and one talisman are required to play Monkey Madness I (However, ensure that they are Karamjan's bones or else you'll need to start over. It is recommended to take energy drinks and food A plank, 1-2 potions for poison and Ardougne Teleport.

Check that you have a teleport in place and a bank for the essential items. Use the tunnel to head back to Zooknock and venture back toward Ape Atoll. Go through the tunnel again , and make use of the monkey's bones and the monkey talisman at Zooknock. The greegree will be which is the same as the bones you used on him. If you want, ask him if he can create a different one . So, he could make another greegree. In case you abort the conversation, it can be re-opened by asking him what he can do to make the talisman.

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