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 Evento: Active Negotiations will vary the number of player

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Active Negotiations will vary the number of players you'll be able to contract during free agency. The first stage will only allow you to give five players a contract, the second stage will allow 10 and the final stage will remove the limits. This will make it so only a handful of teams are able to contract all of the top players instantly.

Evaluations will let three Eval Offers be made per week. These offers will allow players "accept/decline agreements or not take a decision at all without needing the week to be extended." This gives your team the opportunity to speak to prospective players, without the need to advance a week, which will be advantageous if you must change direction if you find players aren't keen to sign with you.

Player Motivations are an additional addition to free agency in Madden NFL 23 as well. You will have three motivations associated with each player. The Motivations can be anything from a player wanting be in the chase for an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl to wanting a team with a quarterback who is a franchise as well as being close to their home town. These factors can determine the degree of interest a person has in joining your team, and a player that is more aligned to your team might prefer any pay cut in order to come to join your team.

There will also be Player Tags that will add effects to your team and certain players. These tags are dynamic and change weekly based on the player's performance. The complete listing of Player Tags is as follows;

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