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The ten hopes of the Dog

  1. My life spans about 10-15 years, every time we part is a pain to me. Think before adopting me!

  2. Be patient to me, give me enough time to understand what you want me to do. Most people understand only one language, but you expect me to understand both: canine and human languages;

  3. Trust me because you're my only reason for life;

  4. Don't be angry to me for a long time: you have your work, your friends and your entertainments, but I only have you;

  5. Talk to me. Although I don't understand your words, I like listening to you and I can recognize your voice in a thousand!

  6. Be aware that whatever you treat me, I will always forgive you, but I will never forget what you do to me;

  7. Before beating me, remember that even if I could defend myself I would never choose to bite;

  8. Before scolding me when I am stubborn, tired or listless, ask yourself if there is something wrong: maybe the food you give me is not good for me, or I have been too long in the sun or my heart is declining or aging;

  9. Please take care of me when I am old, you will eventually grow old too, and need somebody to care -and not abandon- for you...;

  10. When the day of my last trip comes, please, stay with me. You do not have to say that you can not bear to watch me dying, do not let me go through that terrible moment alone. If you stay close to me, leaving you will be easier for me, so that I can understand that you love me and you are doing what is right for me.

...When I am dead, don't be sad,
try to make some other dog happy
and love him as you loved me...

English Cocker Spaniel:
We are not a breeding

Here are the ten prayers for each dog.