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History of the abandoned dog (Alone)

Week 1:
I was born a week ago. That's nice being in the world!

Month 1:
My mom takes care of me very well. She is an exemplary mother.

Month 2:
Today I was separated from my mother. She was very nervous, and his eyes told me goodbye. I hope that my new "human family" will be able to take care of me so well as she did.

Month 4:
I grew up quickly and everything draws my attention. There are many children at home and for me they are like brothers. We are very restless, they pull my tail and I bite them for fun.

Month 5:
Today they have reproached me. My mistress was angry because I urinated in the house, but they never told me where I have to do it. Also I sleep in the closet ... and I already do not like it!

Month 6:
I'm a happy dog. I have a home and family, I feel safe and protected. My human family loves me and pampers me. When they eat they offer me something. The garden is everything to me and I enjoy digging like my ancestors (wolves) when they hide food. They are not educating me... Probably what I do is all right.

Month 12:
Today is my birthday. I am an adult dog. My owners say that I grew up more than they thought. Surely they feel very proud of me.

Month 13:
Today I was scared. My brother stole my ball. I never take his toys. But he took my ball. My jaws are strong, and I've unintentionally hurt him. After the scare, they chained me and I can barely move. They say that will keep me under observation and that I am ungrateful. I do not understand anything about what's going on.

Month 15:
Now everything is different ... I live in chains. I feel very alone, my family does not love me anymore. Sometimes they forget that I am hungry and thirsty. When it rains I do not have a roof to keep me warm.

Month 16:
Today they removed me the chain. Surely my family had forgiven me and I was so happy that I jumped with joy. They even take me for a ride by car. We were in the street and suddenly they stopped. They opened the door and I was happy so I gone out thinking it was our day in the country. But I do not understand why they closed the door and they left.
"Hey, wait!"
Yes .. they forgot about me. I ran behind the car with all my strength.
My anxiety grew to realize that I almost fainted ...and they don't return to me: they had forgotten me.

Month 17:
I have unsuccessfully sought the way to back home. I feel lost. On my way there are nice people that are moved to pity and give me something to eat. I thank them with my eyes and in the depths of the soul. I would like they adopt me and I would be faithful like no other. But they only tell me "poor little dog, maybe you're lost".

Month 18:
A few days ago I passed in front of a school and saw many children like my brothers. I approached with them and a group of them, laughing, they threw me a shower of stones to see who had the best aim. One of those stones stabbed me in the eye and now I'm blind.

Month 19:
This is hard to believe, but when I was more beautiful than now they had more mercy on me. Now I'm more thin; my appearance has changed. I am blind in one eye and people chase me with a broom when I want to stay at shadow.

Month 20:
I can hardly move my body. Today trying to cross the street where the cars pass, one has invested me. I was in a safe place called "ditch", I'll never forget the look of the driver (satisfied). He turned to me to succeed to invest. It would have been better if he had killed me, but he only dislocated the my hips. The pain is terrible, my hind legs haven't more force and with difficulty I came to a meadow crawling up.

Month 21:
Since ten days I'm under the sun, rain, cold and I'm hungry. I can not move. The pain is unbearable. I am very ill; I'm in a damp place and it seems that my hair is falling. Some people pass me without seeing me, others say, "You do not have to come forward."
I am almost unconscious, but a strange force made me open my eyes. The sweetness of his voice made me react.
She said "Poor little dog... looks like you're sick"
...Next to her there was a man with a white coat, he touched me and says: "I'm sorry Miss, but there is no remedy for this dog, it is better that we stop his suffering".
The sweet lady cried and then nodded.
As long as I could, I wag my tails and with my eyes I thanked her because she had given me a bit of comfort.
I heard only the tip of the syringe and after I fell asleep forever, wondering why I was born if nobody wanted me.

English Cocker Spaniel: Cookie!

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The Story of a dog abandoned to its fate.