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User guide of dogs

Dogs have become an integral part of many families, precious friends, faithful companions.
They have also become substitutes of children for many couples who can not have children.English Cocker Spaniel and his owner

Dogs have become more and only pets, beloved by their owners, and for this reason, they interpret an important role.

But love your dogs also means to enable them to be accepted and respected even by people who do not love them, or that haven't chosen to live with an animal.

In Italy there are at least nine million dogs, five is staying in the city: should therefore realize that a dog population so large can create problems of cohabitation. The problems of coexistence are created by their owners, not by dogs!

We have to respect some basic rules that suggest the approach to be used for good relations.

Register the dog in the canine registry and then put the microchip isn't only mandatory, but also a gesture of love because if you lose him you can trace the owner. It 'also important to attach a medal on the collar with wrote his phone number, name or address.puppy, game, English Cocker Spaniel

Games can help to avoid that your new friend destroys the home furnishings.
The balls are good and also the knotted ropes.

You must remember that the lead of the game must start from you and,only you, must decide when the game ends.
This is part of the educational system of the dog and will lay the groundwork for a good relationship. You mustn't agree to play if the game starts from the dog!

When the dog do an excrement in a public place, the owner has the duty and obligation to remove any excrement. You can use the shovel, or, failing this, you can simply use an envelope, or a kleenex or, why not?... leaves.

Some people, children or adults, may be afraid of dogs, no matter the dogs size. So you don't let that dog approachs them without your direct control.

Accustom the puppy to stay in the cage, leaving him as a kennel. He will feel in a place that reassures him and even when he's in the car, will feel secure in his mobile kennel.

You have to put the leash to dogs conducted in urban areas and in places open to the public. The maximum length of the leash is 1.5 meters. Exceptions are special areas for dogs.

You do not have to go to other people's homes with your dog if you aren't sure that our friend is welcome. Although our dog was "invited" to the home of our friends, we must make sure that he behaves well, with the highest education and without making a mess.

You have to decide in which areas of the home he can access. Be sure to be consistent with your decisions: "Always yes or Always no",,, This is for the his education.

Nutrition is very important, you must remember that the cocker tends to gain weight, then do not make errors like to give him chocolate, sweet biscuits, fried foods... because are harmful to his health.

Don't have to give him chicken bones or rabbit because they can perforate the intestine. Never give him food when you are eating your meal! You must use good dog food: up to one year for the puppy, after switching to that for adults. A puppy mustn't be thin!English Cocker Spaniel, dog, Stroke, run

Ehe English cocker Spaniel is a hunting dog, it's really a shame to leave him lounging on the couch. You do not need to go hunting, but there are many sports that you can practice with your dog.
You have to take time for your dog for long walks and let him run free in the middle of a lawn: the english cocker spaniel is a very active dog and he needs to vent!

Always remember:

  1. Be consistent in what you say and what you do;
  2. Dogs have a short memory, you have to use patience and perseverance;
  3. Correct your puppy when his behavior is inappropriate. Praise him when performs well;
  4. Do not resort to physical punishment: is the psychology that counts;

English Cocker Spaniel BathKeep your puppy clean because you could to maintain his health. Since it is still puppy, accustom the dog to be handled and cleaned. Accustom the dog to stand on a table while you comb him and don't forget to reward him when the operation ended.

You have to brush him at least four times a week (for the grooming). For exposition dogs, the grooming should be done more often than other dogs.

Frequent bathrooms don't hurt, as long as you use the right products (that is nutrients shampoo and not too aggressives).
Most important is the cleaning of his ears: you must use kleenex wrapped on your finger and cleaning of the ear with the help of a special cleanser or a solution of water and betadine 50% (That should be performed once a week).

Remember appointments to the vet: vaccination, prophylaxis filariasis, regular checks. Do not hesitate to ask the vet whenever you notice something that doesn't convince you. Even the dog's breeder can help you.

Take a dog is more than to marry and then you must to think, because loyalty to the dog must be always and forever. Divorces aren't allowed!

English Cocker Spaniel: Cookie!

We are not a breeding

All behaviors to use to live together with your dog, in harmony, throughout his life.