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Our reflections on human

For reasons still unknown, humans consider one year of their equivalent to seven of our.

Brain development:
Every our puppy although isn't yet fully mature, already has a highly developed brain, while the human needs 150 years (20 human years) to reach full development.

Human choice (which they say owner): Man or Woman?:
If you prefer the characteristics of one of the two sexes, the most convenient choice to do is to choose a homosexual human.

The use of a short leash teach to our human to pay attention and to keep up with us.

Get what we want:
Many studies canines have confirmed that we are able to exploit our physical characteristics, type move the tail in many different ways, with the result of convincing human persons to do what we want.

Humans and the bed:
It's known, that humans are monopolists of the bed. A well-trained person occupies only the extreme edge of our bed.

Even if the humans are very rational, sometimes seek the company of a cat ... Incomprehensible!

To Show disapproval:
If you lower the tail, you turn and go away, you toss an unmistakable message to your human.

Genital inhibitions:
Strangely humans are inhibited by their genitals, it's almost impossible to see a human that sniffs the genitals of another human (At least... in public :-) ).

With their desire to serve, humans often give us an excellent food: The dog food is divided into categories ranging from those delicious and nutritious to those disgusting that you would not give to cats.

Would you like some food from your human?:
If you're standing on your hind legs, you can always attract his attention. But you do not have to surrender, because the food will fall from above!

The poop:
Humans spend a lot of money to build the plumbing inside the house (toilets) with the aim of removing their excrement from their homes. While we'll walk together with our owner, many people will collect and will throw away our excrement.

Exceptionally the human female has only two breasts.

English Cocker Spaniel: Cookie!

These are the thoughts of our dogs

We are not a breeding