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Why adopt an English Cocker Spaniel

Since 1945, the English Cocker has become very popular. The English Cocker Spaniel is one of the breeds preferred by animal lovers who want to have a good life partner both in the country and in the city.

English cocker spaniel in the snowThe English Cocker is a dog very robust and compact which is good in any habitat, provided, however, that has the opportunity to move long enough and correctly.

The English Cocker has a happy temperament, affectionate and very demonstrative. These characteristics, combined with its desire for pleasure (to his owner) and his joy to participate in every activity, are his greatest gifts.

HUNTING (Gun dogs, also gundogs or bird dogs)
The Cocker Spaniel has never lost the instinct for hunting and retrieving. Unfortunately, today, opportunities to harness this his instinct are very few.

The english cocker spaniel is a breed with exceptional intelligence, and has a great instinct for hunting.

Pet Expo
The English Cocker can easily be engaged to perform very well the exhibitions. As already said, his psychological is happy and cheerful ("Merry Cocker") and makes him a favorite candidate for those people among us who are enthusiastic and passionate for competitiveness .

Cocker and family
Many English Cockers Spaniel spend his whole life as a pet. The average size helps him because it can be easily moved and can also get in the car of the family. As a good house dog is happy to advise you when approaching some stranger. If you train him properly, he will do it every time and he will become a guard dog.English cocker spaniel and his owner

However, you can not leave him alone for a long time and so we do not recommend getting a dog of this breed if you are away all day for work... because... his curiosity could create so much trouble if he were bored too!

The English Cocker Spaniel has a very nice head, has very long ears and has the fringes. There are few breeds that can boast of having puppies so tender and beautiful. When the Cocker is an adult, its fringe increasing in length and require a lot attention; especially on rainy days in the city because they become a big disadvantage. Reserving all the days a little time for his grooming, the hair of your puppy will not create major problems.

In the countryside, the English Cocker, will recognized his natural habitat. Every person who has been able to observe his joy, expressed through his constantly wagging tail when he is in the meadows, in the woods or the countryside, will realize that in these circumstances he can express his animal instinct. The ancestors (of modern English Cocker Spaniel) were experts in hunting... We have documentary evidence and painting on this race.

English Cocker Spaniel

Reasons to choose an English Cocker Spaniel

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